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The story of the successful integration of Hakim, refugee from Ahvaz (Iran)
Hakim is a political refugee from Ahvaz. He moved to Germany four years ago because of pressure from the Iranian government. Now, after several years of difficult refugee life, he is helping other refugees in Hamburg. He started his work at the central railway station together with five friends— now there are more than one hundred volunteers.

27 years

Lived in Iran
6 hours

Spends at railway station everyday
100s of people

Got help

My country doesn't exist.

Hakim Chohbishat
For getting official refugee status in Germany it is necessary to apply for asylum. As Hakim says, this is important, but not the main thing. To find people with whom you can just talk, to avoid loneliness— this is a first step for a successful integration.

My languages are my helpers.

Hakim Chohbishat
Most refugees are stressed because of losing their motherland, habits and lifestyles. One of the most common problems for refugees is preserving their cultural identity, their mentality. At the same time it is absolutely necessary for them to absorb the culture of the new country. Is it possible to find a compromise between the two sides?

Hamburg is my habit.

Hakim Chohbishat
Needless to say that languages are the keys to dealing with people and making your life easier as well when you are a refugee. Very often language is a very difficult barrier to overcome. But if you did, many opportunities will appear in front of you.

I continue developing myself.

Hakim Chohbishat
"Don't be fooled into thinking
That a small group of friends
Cannot change the world!" © Enter Shikari

If I can help someone - I always do it.

Hakim Chohbishat
When you move to another country you have to realize that from that moment you must start from the beginning. You have to overcome all your stresses and threats. The hardest part of ending is starting again.

My motherland was the prison. Germany is true freedom.

Hakim Chohbishat
Hakim first thought that Germany would be some sort of prison for him, he says. But prison turned out to be true freedom meanwhile his motherland became a prison.

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